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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the colours of Kratos Tape?

There is no difference. The tape properties are the same but the colours are suited to the latest fashion and style.


Can I re-use Kratos Tape after application?​

Kratos Tape is designed specifically for one-time use. Multiple application will reduce its effectiveness to provide support

Does Kratos Tape provide pre-cut rolls?

Currently we only provide uncut rolls as the length of tape can be individualized to a person's height, size and area of application for maximum effectiveness. Kratos Tapes are able to be cut with a pair of regular scissors. However, stay tuned as we will provide pre-cuts soon!

Is Kratos Tape waterproof?

Our tapes are water resistant. They can be worn during water sports and in the shower and will not peel off.

How long can i wear Kratos Tape for?

Generally, the tapes can last for 3-4 days on the skin if applied correctly. However, the duration can be affected by the body part applied and environmental conditions such as humidity.

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